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The view below is Toad Rock, Tunbridge Wells

Back to Surrey Weekend – 21st to 23rd July 2012

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As we had not had time to explore on our previous visit, we decided that another visit to the Surrey Hills AONB was in order, so it was back to East Horsley.

We started our Saturday with a drive round the area, which is very beautiful indeed with some amazing properties that I really envied. We skirted the edge of Greatlee Wood, then down to Sutton Abinger and eventually stopped in Peaslake for a coffee break. Our meandering route eventually led to Godalming, where we went for a mooch round the shops and very tasty lunch. I bought a French china gravy separator for £4 in a charity shop. Divertimenti have them for £22.50! We had parked in the Waitrose car park and I popped in for some odds and ends – just can’t ignore a Waitrose! Had a relaxing afternoon and evening and a great night’s sleep.

I got up and walked the dog round the lake and we had a scrummy breakfast of boiled eggs and toast – a Sunday morning favourite. We had a leisurely morning reading and then started the packing-up process. We noticed with some concern that a family had gone out and left their dog in the caravan. As they still hadn’t arrived back when we left and as it was a hot day, we reported them to the site management.

As we were leaving, we noticed a strange ringing noise – much like the zils on a tambourine. Worrying! We stopped and looked but could not quite detect the source of the sound. Another stop revealed that the Swift hubcap was missing – a little annoying as it’s all but brand new. The sound appeared to be emanating from the Alko wheel centre. All the wheels bolts seemed tight so we went on our way with no ill effect.

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