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The view below is Toad Rock, Tunbridge Wells

Wet and Mis weekend – Sat 7th July 2012

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As we had nothing planned for this weekend, we made an impromptu decision on the Friday evening to check in to our local CC site, Rookesbury Park. We awoke to rain on the Saturday morning. Paul’s back was bad and I had a painful, swollen arm so we were not in the best of spirits. The prospect of a night away was a cheery thought, though, and we set off on our journey. It took us all of 15 minutes! When we arrived there was another brand new caravan. They had just picked up and were very excited. By some coincidence they recognised me and said that I had sung at their wedding! (It later transpired that we had met Nigel Hocking’s nephew and wife! Small world.)

We pitched up and had a relaxing afternoon reading and snoozing. It rained and rained. And then it rained for a while, before a couple of heavy showers. We began to wonder how easy it would be to get off site. Rookesbury Park site is mainly grass but the site manager had told us he would pull us off (!!) if there was any problem at all.

The people in the caravan next door had a dog who was obviously not allowed inside when wet. So he was chained up outside, where he barked incessantly. Nice.

After some rain overnight, (quelle surprise!) we woke up to – yes, more rain. We had our usual Sunday morning brekker and packed up. The moment of truth. Dolly made light work of it and we drove home, glad that we had made the effort and feeling relaxed and happy.

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