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The view below is Toad Rock, Tunbridge Wells

France 2013 – Day 12 Mon 15th July- back to the Loire (roughly!)

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We planned an early start and were on the road by 0830 with coffee and PACs in hand – good thing as the road leading to Lacomte is narrow, with no plassing places. The last thing you want to do is meet another rig from the opposite direction. Less likely in the early morning and anyway – we had a long drive to face.  260 miles this time – or around six or seven hours with frequent stops. The route was slightly different on the way back as we were aiming for Le Moulin Fort camp-site on the River Cher,  a tributary of the Loire near Chenonceaux. The same  journey as far as Limoges and then further east, through Chateauroux and Vierzon. Another lovely site and we had a river pitch, which was delightful.  The site is a short walk from the stunning Chateau at Chenonceaux which spans the river. They know how to build to impress!


Aerial view of Chenonceau

We arrived about 4.30 and set up before popping out to nearby Bléré for BBQ supplies and a quick look round.


Bridge over the River Cher – Blere


The view from our pitch at Le Moulin Fort

The view from our pitch at Le Moulin Fort

As we sat eating our BBQ (and noticed that there were far fewer flies here than at Lacomte), a fleet of air-balloons passed over. Such a colourful, graceful sight. Noisy too, when they burn.

P1010652 P1010653 P1010654 P1010655

Ballooning was invented in France, of course. By les freres Montgolfier. Perfect end to a long day – except it wasn’t over yet – frogs. Big NOISY frogs – at least we think that’s what it is.  Lots of them. Started around nightfall and stopped around dawn. Funny!

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