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The view below is Toad Rock, Tunbridge Wells

France 2013 – Day 15 Thursday 18th July – to the Pas de Calais and beyond…..

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320 or more miles to go today to our site in the Nord Pas de Calais, near St. Omer. A long drive but we’re OK with them – got a good routine going . And I have to say that the French motorways and Routes Nationale are much better than ours – although you do pay through the nose for them. The Aires are well-designed and well signposted. More than can be said for the M25!

We were covering much the same ground again (route)- although this time via Tours, then Le Mans, Alencon, Rouen, through the Somme, then Abbeville, St Omer and thence to our destination in Buysscheures – Camping La Chaumiere. A very compact and pretty site (bijou?) run by Guy and Bernadette. The site is much used by the Brits as Bernadette works for the local vet and can arrange pre-crossing check-ups for your dog. Great set-up. And of course we originally planned to take Archie, but had a late change of heart (heat/restrictions/long days in the car, so on). Too late to rearrange the crossing and all the sites, but it has actually all worked very well and I have been relieved that all the sites I researched and picked have been very much to our taste. No clubs/enforced jollity/stupid rules/horrible people!

It was a long journey and we arrived at about 1800. We quickly got set up and then down to the bar for a beer or two, followed by dinner at the restaurant. It was probably the best meal we had in France this year. We were both very impressed. We told Madame so and she gave me a big kiss and was very excited. Bless!

We noticed that they had a couple of Bouviers de Flandres and then saw lots of photos and rosettes and it appears that Monsieur is a breeder and has the French champion. We couldn’t wait to tell Jacquie and Rob as Rob has a Bouviers. The French couple were very impressed and said that it was rare to hear that someone in the UK had one – although he had, himself, sold one to someone in Wales.


Our pitch at La Chaumiere – very private, We liked!

A Bouviers de Flandres - lovely boy. A "leaner"

A Bouviers de Flandres – lovely boy. A “leaner”

It was only after dinner that we found out that they did not accept cards – cash only! Hmm. Quick dash to St Omer, then, to get some – got back just before the 2200 curfew on the gate. Quick coffee and then bed. We has plans!

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