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The view below is Toad Rock, Tunbridge Wells

France 2013 – Day 16 Friday 19th July – Beautiful Bruges……

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Yes – we were off to Bruges for the day! Excited again. You’d think we would have had enough of travelling, but no. Short trip though, as Bruges is only just over an hour away and we had both always had a yen to visit.

We noticed that the town names in this part of France are quite un-French – Lederzeele, Steenvoorde, Hazebrouck and also that the architecture was more like ours but with a French twist.

I had found out that you could park at the station in Bruges for 3.5 Euros for the whole day and that fee entitled you to a free bus pass all day, too. Bargain!

We loved Bruges. Expected it to be like Amsterdam and it was – but more beautiful. So pretty. We eventually stumbled across a boat trip (who knew?!) and could not resist. It was fab.


Where we left from


Yes. I’m handsome. Get over it.

P1010698 P1010708 P1010709 P1010710 P1010719

We were hungry after the trip and found a great location in the main square for lunch, where we had the obligatory moules et frites (and survived!). Good people watching spot too. A little gift shopping and then it was home. We both had a teeny snooze when we got back. The heat is very enervating – and we’re getting on. After our snooze a quick pop to the bar for free (and easy) WiFi, coffee and farewells. Game of boules too (yeah I won!) and a nice chat with a couple from Ypres with an Airedale. And then off to bed. Very little to pack up as we knew our stay was short. Last night. 😦

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