On tour at home and abroad with the Sumpners

The view below is Toad Rock, Tunbridge Wells

France 2013 – Day 17 Sat 20th July – Homeward bound (I wish I wasn’t)

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Boo! Thrice boo. Time to go home. Luckily, the site is only 40 mins from Calais so we had plenty of time before our crossing at 1520. We had to be off site by midday so we lazed around and then had a last minute panic! Left as midday struck on the village church. Perfect timing.

We had originally planned to stay in Kent overnight but had decided to make a run for home – particularly if we could get an earlier crossing. Which we did. We crossed on the 1350 instead of the 1520. Just time for a quick flick round the Duty Free and it was time to board.

We spotted lots of  shiny Aston Martins in the queue – all on the Aston Martin Rally to London. The rally celebrates 100 years of the Aston Martin marque. Sadly one of them is not quite as shiny as it was, as a result of collision in the boarding queue. Oops! We heard a cry of anguish and a bang and there it was.

The drive from the tunnel to home took a couple of hours and we arrived home to a very excited dog and slightly less excited son at around 4.30.  It was over. Some 2,000 miles and god knows how much in diesel. We’ll worry about that later. Au revoirs.

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