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The view below is Toad Rock, Tunbridge Wells

France 2013 – Day 3 Sat 6th July – exploring La Loire

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Another hot day with a peak temp of around 32 degrees and it was time for an all-too-brief explore of the surrounding area. We set off along the Loire, stopping to photograph  the church and dungeon tower at Treves and also  Fontrevaud Abbey, which is huge.

P1010559 P1010558


We followed the wine production route, had a pleasant lunch and returned home with very a good impression of the beauty of the area. Chateaux and troglodytes!

As there was a terrain at the site, we bought some drinks and had a game of pétanque. Winner? Why me, of course! The pool looked good but we did not have time to use it as we were moving on the next day. It’s a great site and I would return with no hesitation – and would like to.

Sumps in pointing pose.

Sumps in pointing pose.

The pools - very inviting

The pools – very inviting

We had  a very pleasant dinner at the on-site restaurant that night and then returned to the ‘van to read and play cards. We know how to live! By this time, we had every available orifice open in the ‘van because of the heat. There was a party that night in a nearby house with loud music. Still going at 5 am! Respect for their staying power but not quite what we wanted for the soundtrack for our night’s sleep!

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