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The view below is Toad Rock, Tunbridge Wells

France 2013 – Day 5 Mon 8th July – relaxing mainly

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It was a lovely day and we had breakfast ( fresh melon, yoghurt, baguette and jam and a strong coffee) outside but by 0900 Paul said “I’m too hot, I’m going indoors!

As we needed a few provisions (mainly BBQ bits) , we decide to go out reasonably early and  come back and have a swim and read by the pool. Good strategy. We drove to Labastide-Murat, where there there is a handy supermarket and also – to our pleasure – we found it was market day. So we sauntered around – it was quite big but there was nothing we fancied so we went to the bar for a biere.  Another good strategy! Whilst there we noticed that there was a friendly Petanque evening on Friday and resolved to pop along and play.

While we were out, we got a message from George saying “Call me!” That’s not usually a good text to get and this was no exception. George had a call at 0545 from Uncle D saying that the dog had escaped – he could not find him anywhere. George got up to get dressed and go looking for him and then he heard a scratching at the front door! Archie had made his way home. Across a busy main road – i.e the A27!  High drama but no real harm done, thank goodness. Mad dog!

Place de la Mairie – Labastide Murat

The Pool.

The Pool.

We spent the afternoon as planned and got ourselves ready for the Monday night quiz. It was great fun and they also had a promotion for Desperados – a flavoured beer – our take on it was that you’d have to be pretty blimmin’ desperado to drink it!

It was a good evening and we came third – two teams having tied for 1st place.  Retired with the Cribathon score standing at 4-2.

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