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The view below is Toad Rock, Tunbridge Wells

France 2013 – Days 10/11 Sat 13th, Sun 14th July – Mel’s birthday, Bastille Day

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After our lazy day yesterday it was time to explore again. We had a leaflet with with some circular drives on and we decided to go on one of these – following the River Lot and the River Célé – which flows into the Lot at Bouziès. We decided to do it our way, and bashed down to Figeac as our start point. A beautiful and bustling city but it was market day and there was nowhere to park so we pressed on – not ready for city life yet!

On the way there we stopped for to phone Mel on her birthday and it was lucky that we did as Paul had to prop up this prehistoric dolmen!


At some points we were retracing the steps we had taken on the boat, so more pictures! We found the Célé to be just as beautiful as the Lot but much less dramatic.




Cregols Lock


Looking down on Bouzies lock

P1010640 P1010644 P1010645

I can’t think of a more dramatic location for a lock than at Bouzies and from above it was even more dramatic than at boat level. On our way back, we stopped at our favourite patisserie in Cabrerets (yes, life IS a Cabrerets old chum!) for a late, light lunch and bought a freshly baked Plum Clafoutis for our dessert tonight. Drool. Full of tiny pinky plums – stones in (Mr S moaned!). This was a VERY hot day, with a peak of 40 degrees in Gramat where we went on our way back to refuel.

Home, BBQ  and bed. There was a short volley of Bastille Day fireworks at midnight which woke us up with a start!

Today dawned bitter-sweet. Our last day here and a lazy day to bolster our reserves ready for the journey back to the Loire.  It would be too hot to pack up until late evening so we made the most of it, snoozing/reading/swimming/eating. It feels a bit naughty – like we are not making the best use of our time here. But it’s our holiday! NO rules. And it suits us. Didn’t much enjoy packing up and the Cribathon has gone out of the window because we have found a new game – Pitch. Strangely apt for a camping holiday doncha think? Entertaining.

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