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We are Kay + Paul Sumpner. Happily married with one grown-up son and two year-old Birder Terrier pups.,. We have had three caravans in our lifetime and we love getting away as often as possible.

The first was a second hand caravan, the brand of which we do not know. It was in the early 90’s and has a crown logo just above the gas locker. We had great fun with it but did not use it as much we could have done as it was stored in Bucks and it was eventually sold after a couple of good years- at a profit as I recall!

There was a long caravanless spell, and then, in 2008, we decided to buy a new caravan. We chose A Swift 5 berth from the Discovery Group (now gone bust!) known as a Blakemere. We had some amazing adventures in Sir Percy and were very sad to say goodbye. Here are some images:

In June 2012 it was time for a change. And so this blog was born. When I mention caravan site, you will usually find a review on under the name SUMPS53. I will always link to the review page and, using the month we visited as your guide, it should be pretty easy to find.

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  1. Hi What a great idea , enjoyed it very much, certainly better than the rather boring diary entries we used to make. This is something that will be bring back memories and will be a treasure for the future, keep it up
    How can I print it?

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